What It Costs

Adults Fee Guide

Coast Dental Health is a private pay as you go practice. We aim to offer competitive prices for our patients and ask that New Patient Exams are paid for upon booking and for Hygiene appointments a 50% deposit is paid in advance.  For all other treatments we ask for a deposit of 50% to cover such things as laboratory costs – with payment in full at the final appointment.

Flexible payment plans available on request subject to a full new patient assessment.

New Patient Exam including 2 x-rays & oral cancer screen        (Introductory Offer) £35.00
Routine Exams including oral cancer screen £29.00
Small X-ray £5.00
Fissure Sealants from £20.00
Periodontal Treatment from £110.00
Hygiene Only  (Simple Scale & Polish)

Non Registered Hygiene

Hygiene under LA



from £55.00

Air Polishing for Stubborn Stains £65.00
Oral Cancer Screening £20.00
White Fillings From £75.00 – £140.00
Home Whitening (Upper & Lower Arches) 6% Hydrogen Peroxide or 16% Carbamide Peroxide £199.00
Root Treatments From £280.00
Crowns Porcelain Bonded  £385.00
Crowns Deluxe Emax  £500.00
Crowns Zirconia from £450.00
Veneers from £400.00
Bridge 2 teeth/units from £600.00
Bridges Maryland Wing 1 tooth  from £190.00
Chrome Cobalt Dentures (depends on amount of teeth) (Upper or Lower only) From £500.00
Acrylic Dentures From £360.00
Sutures and site preservation
From £65.00
From £20.00
Emergency Appointments for non-registered patients

Registered Patients



 Temporary Filling £45.00


Childrens Fee Guide

We feel prevention is top priority and we explore all available treatment options before the extraction of baby teeth.  This is very important for future dental health and to eliminate any future anxiety.  We understand that your children may be receiving free NHS treatment but at Coast we offer the private practice experience.  It is important that their first experience of the dentist is a good one and the team at Coast will provide more time, patience and  NO SILVER FILLINGS.

New Patient Exam (no X-rays) With registered parent 0-  12 years Free
New Patient Exam (no x-rays) No registered parent 0 – 12 years £15.00
New Patient Exam (no x-rays) 12- 18 years £15.00
Recall Exams (no X-rays) with registered parent 0-12 years Free
Recall Exams (no x-rays) No registered parent 0 – 12 years £15.00
Recall Exams (no x-rays) 12 – under 18 £15.00
 Fissure Sealant Any age from £20.00
White Fillings   Baby Teeth (Adult teeth as adult prices) from £25.00
Extractions      Baby Teeth (Adult Teeth as adult prices)  from £25.00
Hygiene Appointments from £25.00


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